Blend wing body

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Blended Wing Body

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Blended wing body

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Conceptual design and analysis of blended-wing-body aircraft

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The Illuzion body comes complete with decal sheet, window mask and includes two, Aero rear wings. About the Illuzion – The Illuzion features hard edge side-pod styling with runners on the sides designed to move the air more efficiently to the wing.

Boeing X-48

Boeing XC Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft Completes Flight Testing EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif., April 12, / PRNewswire / -- The Boeing (NYSE: BA) XC research aircraft flew for the 30th and final time April 9, marking the successful completion of an eight-month flight-test program to explore and further validate the aerodynamic characteristics of the Blended Wing Body design concept.

The main drawback to the blended wing body concept is that it lacks control surfaces and conventional stabilising surfaces such as a tail making it unstable and difficult to control.

Apr 13,  · The aerospace giant and NASA say the distinctive "blended wing body" design flew like a champ in low-speed tests and holds promise for quieter, more fuel-efficient aircraft yet to come. If a company were to start building a blended wing body aircraft today, it could hit the market in about seven years.

Blend wing body
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