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2016 California Presidential Election Results

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Ontario election 2018: Find your riding and candidates

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House of Represetatives George Lance. As of November 30,the website is no longer updated Please use the new California Legislative Information website located at http://leginfo. Rock the Vote has everything you need to vote in California.

US Elections ~ California

You can register to vote, check your voter registration status, find important election dates like when your voter registration must be done or when absentee ballots are due. We can even send you reminders so you always know when and where to vote. California Elections news and opinions from The Sacramento Bee newspaper in Northern California.

Nov 07,  · Elected Positions. The City of Sunnyvale is a Charter City with a Council-Manager form of government.

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Seven councilmembers are elected at-large by City voters for numbered seats in November of even-numbered years. If you do not have a California driver license or California identification card, you can still use this form to apply to register to vote by completing the online interview by p.m.

California Online Voter Registration

Pacific Time on the 15th calendar day before an election. Election Day in California starts at 7 a.m. when the pools open, and they close at 8 p.m.

If you need additional info about voting, you can call Vote ().

Ca election
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