Defination of flood

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Landslide warnings as Japan digs through flood ruin, death toll reaches 100

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Definition of flood 1 a: a rising and overflowing of a body of water especially onto normally dry land The flood inundated the whole area. The output of a flood forecast is typically a maximum expected water level and the likely time of its arrival at key locations along a waterway, and it also may allow for the computation of the likely statistical return period of a flood.

In many developed countries, urban areas at risk of flooding are protected against a year flood – that is a flood. Noun. A flood inundated the whole area.

the devastating flood of The water has risen to flood level. We've received a flood of mail. a flood of phone calls Seeing her again brought back a flood of memories.

Verb. Heavy rains flooded the valley. The rivers are close to flooding. The valley flooded after the heavy rains. The plain floods every spring.

Yellow River

The room was flooded with light. If there is a flood, a large amount of water covers an area which is usually dry, for example when a river flows over its banks or a pipe bursts. More than 70 people were killed in the floods, caused when a dam burst. Definition of flood in English: flood. noun. 1 An overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land.

‘the villagers had been cut off by floods and landslides’. Healthy forest ecosystems are ecological life-support systems.

Definition of 'flood'

Forests provide a full suite of goods and services that are vital to human health and livelihood, natural assets we call ecosystem services. Many of these goods and services are traditionally viewed as free benefits to society, or "public goods" - wildlife habitat and diversity, watershed services, carbon storage, and scenic.

Defination of flood
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