Fiction books are more interesting than

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The Best Sci Fi Books

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Fiction vs. Non-Fiction: Which Do You Prefer?

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Current Passions

Everyone has their own varied interest. Books are available in a large number of genres and apart from that there are a number of poetry, journal, etc.

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The 7k Report

Others allow more leeway, allowing the author to put real people into imaginary situations, as long as the historical outcome remains unaltered. The books listed below include examples of historical fiction by the strictest of definitions, as well as those that fudge the rules a bit - or a lot.

These tales create suspense and brings about new ideas; it also captures the minds of young readers. This can be engaging imaginative and fun to balmettes.comg fiction books are more interesting than non-fiction.

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Fiction books are more interesting than
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When Popular Fiction Isn’t Popular: Genre, Literary, and the Myths of Popularity