Misuse modern gadgets

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Essay on misuse of modern gadgets

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The use – and misuse – of technology

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But, slowly slowly the use of these gadgets are becoming excessive. Mostly teen /5(4). The emergence and gradual dominance of technology in our lives has left us all spellbound. Be it classroom, workplace or simply our homes, modern technology has gripped every aspect of our lives.

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Misuse of Electronic Gadgets There are many positive as well as negative impact of electronic gadgets in our day to day life.

There are many electronic gadgets like computer, television, mobile phones, mp3 players, ipod, fax. Uses And Misuses Of Modern Gadgets.

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to be discussed includes usual functions of modern gadgets, how much do students use the gadgets and most essential function of gadgets. Modern balmettes.coming to a dictionary definition, “A gadget is a small tool or device that has a specific useful purpose and balmettes.coms tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology.”.

Misuse modern gadgets
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