Science fiction book writers

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Science Fiction

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SFWA is a professional organization for authors of science fiction, fantasy and related genres. A useful book for looking up authors is A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction, by Baird Searles, Martin Last, Beth Meacham, and Michael Franklin ().

It also tells you whom else you might like if. Links to other posts about science fiction authors on Book Riot: 8 Great Reads to Get into Afrofuturism. Women Who Imagined the Future. Science Fiction Anthologies by Women.

Must-Read Young Adult Science Fiction Books. Read Harder: A Sci-Fi Novel with a Female Protagonist by a Female Author.

The real science of science fiction

About Author Rank Amazon Author Rank is based on the sales of all of an author's books on and is updated hourly. Explore these pages to find the best selling authors.

Blast off for out-of-this-world thrills with USA TODAY bestselling author, Jackson Dean Chase! Whether you write "hard" sci-fi, space fantasy, space opera, cyberpunk, dystopian, or time travel, this must-own book is rocket fuel for your imagination/5(11).

The best science-fiction writers are among some of the most creative writers ever. Instead of only making up a story, they make up entire universes, time dimensions, alien technologies - .

Science fiction book writers
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