Singer solution to world problems

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Singers Solution to World Poverty

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Peter Singer

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Response to Peter Singer’s Solution to World Poverty

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Currently, less than 1/2 of 1% of the total world gross national product is devoted to aiding poverty-stricken nations. Inthe amount of aid from the U S. amounted to only % of its GNP.

Inthe World Bank urged the international community to increase aid to poor countries to % of their GNP. In the essay “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” philosopher Peter Singer addresses the issue of poverty by suggesting Americans give away most of their income to aid those in need.

Singer believes that withholding income is the equivalence of letting a child starve to death. Oct 20,  · Peter Singer is a utilitarian; consequently, he evaluates all possible solutions to life’s problems based upon their consequences.

Quite simply, a solution that produces the best consequence (the greatest aggregate good) is the most morally right or ethical solution. In Peter Singer’s New York Times article entitled, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” he challenges citizens of first world countries to donate any money that is not used for day to day necessities to go towards charities that help feed, clothe, and medicate people in extreme poverty.

Nov 08,  · In “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Peter Singer explores a solution to world poverty and the problems associated with it through parables using a philosophical argument to say that people should spend/donate % of their non-essential income to overseas aid organizations.

Oct 20,  · Peter Singer is a utilitarian; consequently, he evaluates all possible solutions to life’s problems based upon their consequences. Quite simply, a solution that produces the best consequence (the greatest aggregate good) is the most morally right or ethical solution.

Singer solution to world problems
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