Somaliland a successful state

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Somaliland presidential election, 2003

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Somaliland presidential election, 2003

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Ethiopia and Somaliland 1700-1950

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A white star was chosen as the national symbol, each of its five points referring to a Somali homeland. The background of the new national flag, first officially.

Somaliland is a little-known country rebuilding out of the ashes of a ruined failed state. Why this country isn't getting international recognition, and why it should.


The history of Somaliland, a region in the eastern horn of Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, and the east African land mass, begins with human habitation tens of thousands of years includes the civilizations of Punt, the Ottomans, and colonial influences from Europe and the Middle East.

Somaliland is a former British protectorate that gained independence in and was recognized as an independent state. However, acting on the desire at the time of Somalis to live in one state, Somaliland voluntarily joined with Italy’s former Somali colony to form the Republic of Somalia.

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THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND. FOR PDF VERSIONS OF THE SOMALI AND ENGLISH TEXTS OF THE CONSTITUTION ONLY, CLICK HERE: SOMALI ENGLISH Please note the arrangements of the Chapters and the text are based on the original Official Signed Somali Text printed in A4 size by the House of Representatives on its adoption of the Constitution by the House on.

The government of the de facto state of Somaliland regards itself as the successor state to the former British Somaliland protectorate, which, in the form of the briefly independent State of Somaliland, united as scheduled on 1 July with the Trust Territory of Somaliland (the former Italian Somaliland) to form the Somali Republic.

Somaliland a successful state
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