Vayusa case

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Ajay Bam Case Study Essay Paper

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Ajay Bam Case study

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Vayusa would then need Vayusa case $5 million in funding to reach a positive cash-flow position in. Case Study on Ajay NCIIA who awarded Vayusa a grant of $12,; Babson College which give him $8, seed funding; Nick Epperson who is a former CMO at VeriFone and chief technical architect who designed the VeriFone box; Phuc Truong who has a lot of merchant contacts.

This case contains a manageable amount of material but presents the opportunity to consolidate the material covered to date in the course.

Vayusa In the fall ofAjay and fellow MBA Walter Stock were meeting at Starbucks to brainstorm consumer applications for mobile technology. Cases tend to fall into one of three categories that sometimes overlap: Ø Decision Cases describe a decision faced by the case protagonist (character).

The student ultimately must choose among a finite set of distinct decision alternatives. Vayusa had a working paradigm to back up a elaborate concern program. and a board of advisers that included. in add-on to Tom from SeaPoint Ventures and Nick from VeriFone.

a former Chief executive officer of NYNEX. a former Chief executive officer of Citibank. and Bob Anderson. manager of the MIT Enterprise Forum and former CEO of GenRad. Vayusa’s technology platform works on existing infrastructure, thereby providing immediate accessibility to markets and consumers.

Vayusa is also the first to provide an end-to-end electronic transaction processing system leveraging e-mail, SMS, and voice channels.

Vayusa case
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